Eco Tree Co.

The call before the storm


We’ve been working in the arborist industry for 22yrs (Est. 1997)
Lead by Jason Temple-Forbes
(Certified arborist)
Free quote & sound advice
Situated in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Our Services
Tree Felling & Restoration
Tree felling is what it is, but it need not be all felling. Pruning and other services are used to keep big or small established trees at their best.
Pruning & Shaping
Pruning is needed to keep the tree in its best shape for the area it is in. City centre or in the suburbs. Each situation is different, so we pride ourselves in adapting to it and advising the client what is best.
Thin out the crown
When the trees’ crown is too dense it might shade other trees or the garden. By opening up spaces between limbs, light is allowed to filter through. It also allows more air movement which keeps pests at bay.
Supply & transplanting trees
Planting and transplanting of small or large trees. This is always great to do as it’s giving back to the environment. Without trees for oxygen and bees for cross pollination the world could be a dark place. Plant and enjoy.
Large trees, crane work & chippers
All these services are available and more.
Danger Zones: Roofs, power lines and more
Nature is a weird and wonderful force. But when it goes wrong it can be serious. We’ve dealt with many situations. I’m sure we can help yours.
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